Moja Kravica Trougao

Agency: Communis; Leo Burnett;

Client: Imlek

Award: Bronze in the Integrated Promotional Campaigns – Food category (UEPS Awards); Silver in the Radio Spot category (UEPS Awards); Bronze in the Print category (UEPS Awards); Silver in the Social Media Presence category (UEPS Awards);

BRIEF: Trends come and go, but the good old things stand up to the changes and always bring the same joy. Moja Kravica (My little cow) yogurt is one of those good old products that remind you of childhood, youth, better times, always the same and recognizable, recalling the tradition of local dairy products. It is distinguished by its special form of packaging, which is linked to the period of the 70s and the 80s when it was a standard yogurt package.

CHALLENGE: Present the new/old product, Moja Kravica Trougao, as a unique and singular product in the market.

SOLUTION: two directions of the campaign - retro communication targeting the older generations who remembers the triangle packaging of the yogurt, in whom it was necessary to trigger the nostalgic emotions; modern communication targeting the younger generations who doesn’t remember the old packaging.

IMPLEMENTATION: Teaser phase – reminder of the good old days (things, events) through TV, OOH, DIGITAL. Reveal phase – presenting Moja Kravica Trougao through TV, OOH, DIGITAL, PRINT, RADIO.

RESULT: The campaign was seen by about 90% of the target group 18-60. Trougao was in the center of media attention both offline and online, and kids were particularly delighted with the new packaging. The campaign increased sales of all packaging varieties of Moja Kravica yogurt.


Project Manager: Ljiljana Balić
Creative Directors: Goran Ruškuc, Vladimir Radivojević
Art Director: Marko Blagojević
Copywriter: Goran Ruškuc

Leo Burnett:
Project Manager: Nevena Vlaisavljević
Creative Director: Bojan Brukner
Art Director: Zoran Jovanović
Copywriter: Ahmed Hajdarović;
Client representative: Jovan Bugarčić