IKEA Opening campaign

Agency: FCB Afirma;

Client: IKEA

Award: Bronze in the Direct Marketing category (UEPS Awards); Bronze in the Integrated Campaign – Retail & Services category (UEPS Awards); Art&Craft recognition for the best copy (UEPS Awards);

BRIEF: 26 years ago IKEA was supposed to open a store in Serbia, but that never happened – until now. IKEA therefore wanted to create a campaign that would, among other things, address people in Serbia who already live with their furniture, although there was no store nearby. And now, the jubilee 400th IKEA department store in the world was opening in their country.

CHALLENGE: The campaign “Closer than Ever” was meant to create the awareness among people that IKEA is coming to Serbia; to present the IKEA concept to as many people as possible and position the brand as home furniture dealer number 1. The goal was to strengthen the emotional and rational link that this brand has with its customers, conveying the key IKEA values of “better everyday life for as many people as possible”.

SOLUTION: A campaign was created with the goal to introduce the IKEA brand to the citizens of Serbia, so they would accept it as synonymous with the best price-value ratio, and an inspiration for better everyday life. And some citizens of Serbia only needed a reminder why they love the IKEA brand so much.

IMPLEMENTATION: “Swedish postmen” were engaged to announce the start of delivery of IKEA invitations for the upcoming opening on their bikes.

In the following stage of the campaign we informed people about the opening, and introduced them to the IKEA concept. On the opening day, yellow branded Fićo cars (version of the iconic Fiat 600) circled around the city with the characteristic IKEA packages on the roof, announcing that IKEA had arrived.

In the post-opening stage the goal was to introduce the citizens with the IKEA product portfolio, and increase sales.

RESULT: In the first 4 days of the opening, IKEA store vas visited by almost 70,000 people, while the official website recorded 437,201 visits.


Project Managers: Artimeda Budimir, Andrej Ivanjikov
Creative Director: Veljko Golubović, Božidar Cvetković
Art Director: Vladimir Krneta
Copywriter: Božidar Cvetković
Client representative: Carmen Nicu