ZOE explores

Agency: Mediodrom;

Client: Renault Nissan Slovenia

Award: Gold in the category of Best use of Mobile Environment (Sempler)

BRIEF: Renault ZOE was successfully presented to the Slovenian market two years ago. In 2017, Renault introduced a new version with double the reach, giving the buyers new possibilities for exploration.

CREATIVE IDEA: With the aim of showing these new possibilities of extended battery autonomy, we have sent three well-known Slovenian Instargram couples to discover hidden corners of Slovenia with Renault ZOE.

IMPLEMENTATION: The choice of destination was not left to them. In making the decisions on where to go, we actively involved the followers of the profiles of Renault Slovenia and those of our travellers. We used the facebook live function and were the first ones in Slovenia to use Instagram’s “poll” function for voting. In the course of the journey, our influencers asked their followers where to go next and thus allowed them to be the creators of the story. The user response was excellent.

That was not all. Thanks to the extraordinary visual materials the couples have recorded during their four-wheel adventure, we have created a virtual game in facebook Canvas format, in which the followers could explore all corners of Slovenia with the help of Renault ZOE. They loved our game.

RESULTS: The campaign generated five times more test rides as it was expected and, most importantly, we proved that ZOE is more than a safe partner on all roads and adventures in unexplored areas.


Milena Jakovljević, Renata Penca, Denis Bertole, Dominic Skornšek, Matic Babnik

Media Agency: OMD Slovenia