With courage

Agency: BBDO Zagreb;

Client: Zagrebačka pivovara

Award: Work has been listed in the Top25 works of the Adriatic region (BalCannes);

BRIEF: As a beer brand which knows what’s important to men, Ožujsko and Testicular Cancer Referring centre of RH Ministry of Health started a campaign for raising testicular cancer awareness. This year’s campaign continued on the success of “Scratch for a reason” campaign which communicated in a familiar way the importance of good health and need to take care of it, and have health check up of their testes.

SOLUTION: The “Scratch for a reason” campaign urged men to do a self check. “With Courage” campaign is a logical continuation and offered men new ways of dealing with the problem by visiting their urologist and having a check up of their testes. Considering it’s a touchy subject, it needed a careful approach without causing panic and fear. Men like to scratch, but they also like to have a feel. Men are also visual types and they like to see. So, the first campaign was about scratching, and this one was about showing.


The campaign “With courage” had one minute TV spot, outdoor posters and accompanying material designed and positioned to attract the attention of the target group. The posters were placed in gyms and useful info in men’s underwear department stores.

RESULTS: As a result of the campaign more and more men see their urologist if they notice changes on their testes. In the second year of the campaign, there were 43 new cases of testicular cancer detected. In 2016, the total number of detected new cases of early stage testicular cancer was 89.

Project team

Lead Creative Director: Almir Okanović
Creative Director: Miro Perić
Senior designer: Ivan Karaga
Planner: Željko Krešić
Project Lead: Irena Kapetanović