Are you Syrious – A Special Offer

Agency: Imago Ogilvy;

Client: The Are You Syrious Association

Award: This campaign was included in the Top 25 campaigns in Adriatic Region (BalCannes);

Brief: The Association Are you Syrious that assists displaced individuals and families who’ve been forced to leave their homes. The greatest challenge was getting donations for school age children. The Agency’s task was to design an original communication campaign to encourage the public to donate to assist refugee children.

Idea: Using human nature’s spontaneous reaction to the phrase “Special Offer” playing on the human reaction when people think they are getting something for themselves.

Solution:  We are all programmed to react to the phrase “special offer”, nothing catches our attention as much as a bargain. If a bargain can make us spend, can a bargain make us help someone?

The answer to that is within the campaign offering bargain basement prices for products catches the eye of those mindful of their pocket, they then realise it is actually a humanitarian special offer for helping refugee children. The campaign is a subtle criticism of consumerist society that is focused on its own needs and changes the focus on those who need our help the most.

Creative team:

Creative Director: Mirka Modrinić
Screenplay: Domagoj Delić
Art Director: Marija Lončar
Project Leader: Danijela Maričević
Project Executive : Hiam Hamed
Web production: Željko Glavor