Agency: Ideo;

Client: Neva d.o.o.

Award: One of 25 best campaigns in the Adriatic region at BalCannes 2017 (BalCannes );

BRIEF: Social responsibility and activism of a brand are becoming increasingly important when it comes to choosing a product, especially, as it is the case with a toothpaste, one used every day, more than once. Consumers choose brands with ideas and an attitude.

CREATIVE IDEA: The idea for the campaign was created just before the 2017 Local Elections in Croatia. Before the election, major turmoil was underway in the political arena, coalitions have been made and destroyed, and governments alike, over night.

The idea was to use the pre-election hype in the teaser phase with provocative messages without dental context but using the terms which have one meaning in dentistry and oral hygiene (a bridge represents fixed prosthetics, gums represent dental flesh, a fountain is a basing for rinsing of the teeth, a crown represents fixed prosthetics etc.), while having another one in local everyday life (the Bridge is a political party, the Right – meaning “gums” in Croatian language, represents the more conservative political orientation, rosaries – “crown” in Croatian language, serve for prayer in religions, and the building of a fountain was the main political promise of the mayor of Zagreb).

IMPLEMENTATION:  The creative and media strategy has followed the standard communication channels of political parties in the campaign, such as billboards, digital city lights, web banners, and social media. The campaign was divided into two phases - a teaser and a reveal phase. The teaser phase was supposed to raise dust through provocative messages, while the revealing phase, by revealing the dental context on the day of pre-election silence, was to contribute to the "a-ha moment".

RESULTS: During the campaign, sales of Plidenta Healthcare tooth pastes increased by 55% in comparison to the previous year, and by 17% for the entire Plidenta range.


Creative Directors: Amra Ajanović Perić, Tanja Katić Sviličić
Copywriter and Project Manager: Krešimir Ražov
Executive Project Manager: Andrea Putnik
Designer: Ružica Čarapina

Senior Brand Manager: Branimir Zoraja