Together for Parenting Schools

Agency: McCann Beograd;

Client: The Coca-Cola Company

Award: Bronze in Social Good – Brands category (Effie Serbia);

TASK: Natural, clear and caring, the Rosa water is building its brand on successful CRM projects. It is only natural the water suitable to be consumed by even the youngest in the family (babies), is aspiring to do more for them. After successfully establishing Milk Banks, ROSA started a new project – opening Parenting schools across Serbia.

IDEA: Babies are the future of our world, they are destined for great deeds when the time comes, and meanwhile all that is needed is love and knowledgeable parents. Rosa Parenting schools experts teach parents what’s needed to raise the next generation.

RESULT: Most importantly – as planned: Parenting schools opened across Serbia. Rosa continued to be successful, and this project won a Bronze Effie.


Creatives: Dubravka Petrović, Rade Šaptović, Marina Čavić, Tereza Cenić
Project Leaders: Jelena Mihajlović, Lada Vukotić Stamatov
Creative Director: Vladimir Ćosic
Strategic Planner: Marija Stošić