A cash loan solves everything

Agency: Ovation BBDO;

Client: UniCredit Bank Srbija

Award: Bronze in the Finances and Payment Cards category (Effie Serbia);

BRIEF: Present a simple and comprehensive banking solution in a creative and convincing way, stating all relevant benefits in such a way that the product is made sufficiently distinguished in the overcrowded cash credit market in Serbia.

SOLUTION: A cash loan from UniCredit Bank is a unique way to overcome financial difficulties but, at the same time, it challenges the prevailing culture of personal loans - you turn to the bank when your friends and relatives turn you down. But what if they helped you out, what if they decided to help you when you urgently need money?

CREATIVE IDEA: A solution that creates completely new problems.

IMPLEMENTATION: Our protagonist decides to take a cash loan from UniCredit Bank due to incredibly good conditions which the bank is offering and now has a problem because he has to inform all the relatives and friends who decided to help him and lend him money that their help is not needed anymore. He informs us through a TVC, and other channels of communication too.


Project Managers: Marko Pešić, Sonja Kalušević
Creative Director: Vladimir Mitrović
Art Director: Dejan Micić
Copywriter: Bojan Tanasković
Client representatives: Nataša Kuzmanovski, Aleksandar Milić, Maja Majkić