One round around the cup

Agency: FCB Afirma;

Client: Grand Prom

Award: Bronze in the Soft Drinks and Beverages category;

BRIEF: At a time when everyone is suddenly rushing and hurrying, when people have no time for their dearest ones, or for a warm human conversation over a cup of coffee, we wish to find a way to change that. It was necessary to create a campaign which would show that, with a cup of Grand Café Gold, shared with our dear ones, we can make our days truly ours.

CHALLENGE: Refresh and strengthen the brand's undisputed leadership position.

SOLUTION: Go back to your essence: a warm human conversation over a cup of Grand Cafe Gold is the best remedy against alienation and emotional void, which threatens the life of a modern man.

IMPLEMENTATION: Given the topic of hours lost, of days which do not differ from one another, a life led on a conveyor belt, we chose the channels which are closest to the daily rhythm of modern people: the TV ad greeted them in moments when they were trying to catch a breath and get a bit of rest; the magazine ad addressed them in the breaks of their working days, in those rare moments of calm it caught their attention with the directness of its message and the subtlety of its expression; outdoor advertising spoke to them on the way to or from their workplace, like lighthouses that mark land ahoy in the sea of ​​uniformity; we entered their digital spaces, where entire lives have been moved to, and where more intimate and direct communication can be established in both directions; radio ads communicated as voices of calm in the middle of the morning or afternoon fuss.

All these channels of communication were intertwined as threads and together strengthened the general conviction.

RESULT: During the campaign, the volume of sales increased. At the year-end level, the net income of the brand increased.


Project Manager: Milena Simović
Creative Director: Božidar Cvetković
Copywriter: Božidar Cvetković
Client representative: Nina Cvetković