The Coca-Cola Room at the Museum of Illusions

Agency: Mayer McCann Ljubljana;

Client: Coca-Cola Slovenija

Award: Silver in the OOH category (SOF);

DESCRIPTION: The Museum of Illusions is a new teen “hot spot” and a place that fills the walls on social networks. This is especially true of the “rotated room”. As we wanted to include our brand in the shared photos, we simply took over the room. So in the holiday month of December, the “rotated room” took on Coca-Cola's tones, both visually and acoustically. The museum had more than 10,000 visitors, making it the most visited month so far, and the campaign achieved lots of interactions across social networks. We also supported the campaign through our own channels, where young people could win tickets to get into the museum without having to queue in line, and we streamed live from the venue when celebrities and Santa Claus visited the museum.

MARKETING GOALS: Coca-Cola is ranked as a top favorite among young people, which is very important for the brand's overall image, and the December campaign is already traditionally devoted to young people. Its task is to establish a positive interaction and to become one of the “cool” things in the lives of young people, in an innovative way.

The target group were young and older teenagers, who are also the most frequent visitors to the Museum of Illusions and the most avid “sharers” of photos. This target group is the least susceptible to classic advertising stimuli, but it is the most open to spontaneous and innovative brand interactions.

IMPLEMENTATION: During the month of December, we put a table with Coca-Cola bottles on it, some posters, a retro speaker with Avici's music, a red carpet and a couple of interesting extras in the rotated room. In addition to reaching the spontaneous visitors, we also advertised the room by sharing free quick entry tickets. The whole interaction, of course, took place in the digital world.


During the month of December more than 10,000 young people visited the museum. The campaign brought more than 20,000 spontaneous interactions on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Campaign messages reached more than 100,000 target group users, which means that we reached most of the target group.


Client representative: Anja Vačun
Agency side Project Leader: Tanja Jerala Vizjak
Creative Director: Matjaž Germ
Copywriter: Andreja Počkaj
Art Director: Blaž Žnidarič
Designer: Aleš Salokar
Other associates: Jan Porič, Net Projekt, Igor Remeta