The ‘Grandma and A Pencil’ Series

Agency: Pristop;

Client: Alzheimer Slovenija

Award: Silver in the Print Ads and Posters category (SOF);

BRIEF: Many people overlook dementia when the first signs of the illness appear. The Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenia association wanted an awareness raising campaign that would warn people about the first signs of dementia, and encourage them to call for a doctor’s appointment and seek the help of the Spominčica association.

IDEA: Alzheimer’s disease changes the perception of everyday objects, the environment and people into something unfamiliar – sometimes even threatening.

SOLUTION: The symptoms of dementia were clearly presented through three illustrations representing a man, an object, and a house, with shadows depicting an altered reality. Thus, subtle symbolism and a clear message showed the different areas of life that dementia overshadows and takes over most intensely. The series of posters together created a meaningful whole to warn and teach those who have been touched by the disease in any way.


Project Director: Petra Muth Zupanc
Creative Director: Aljoša Bagola
Project Leader: Mojca Mačkovšek Danev
Art Director: Vida Igličar
Copywriter: Nina Vidrih
Media Agency: Pristop Media