Serija plakata #spoiler & #boyband

Agency: Yin+Young;

Client: Mič Styling

Award: Silver in the Print posters category;

Mič Styling is one of the biggest names in hair salons and haircare brands in Slovenia and abroad. On their 25th anniversary we needed to remind people of the great impact Mič Styling has had on hairstyles since 1991, when their hair salons cut an everlasting strand in history. They came out with bangs, set the record permanently straight, and have stayed ahead of the curls ever since. Before they came along haircuts were some of our worst mistakes, so they decided to celebrate their 25th birthday by reviving some of the bad 90's hairstyle choices that still make our hair stand on end. From the wacky “spoiler” to the cheesy “boyband”. This helped us prove once again that fortunately trends change but Styling remains eternal.

Client Representatives: Ana Slamič, Anamarija Ludvik
Account Director: Marin Bulog
Creative Director: Domen Husu
Strategy Director: Marin Bulog
Art Director: Samo Muhič
Copywriters: Domen Husu, Sara Mlinar
Designers: Samo Muhič, Jure Ljubeljšek
Photographer: Matic Kremžar