Underwater Man

Agency: Pristop;

Client: Pivovarna Laško Union

Award: Silver  in the Film category (SOF);

BRIEF: In a hectic world bedazzled by social networks, Pivovarna Laško Union rejuvenated its communication with the “Hello Life” platform, which gives people the courage to live their life to the fullest.

IDEA: The TV ad gave a humorous interpretation of the most famous Slovenian literary character – the Underwater Man.

SOLUTION: The TV ad follows the Underwater Man who, awakened from his river slumber, takes a walk through Ljubljana, during which he tries on his famous charm. He ends up in the brewery, where instead of the fateful dance with Urška, he instead chooses to cheer for life.


Creative Director: Aljoša Bagola
Art Director: Matija Kocbek
Copywriters: Peter Zabret, Aljoša Bagola, Nina Vidrih
Designers: Matija Kocbek, Aleksandra Prus
Project Leader: Melita Božič
Head of Production: Damjana Grošelj
Production: Nora Production Group, Art Rebel 9
Director: Thor Saeversson
Director of Photography: Baldur Eythor Eythorsson
Music: Anže Rozman