The Beach Stories

Agency: Grey Ljubljana;

Client: A1 Slovenija

Award: Silver in the Digital Communication Campaigns category (SOF);

BRIEF: Create an unconventional supporting activity for the launch of summer mobile packages that contain larger amounts of data transfer both at home and in the EU.

CREATIVE IDEA: In the summer of 2016, six Slovenian authors wrote 39 unique stories in the form of free, mobile friendly e-books. The walkways in the center of the city turned into interactive book shelves, as passers-by accessed the stories with just a swing of the hand. Ljubljana became a city reading at every step, and the Beach Stories encouraged the general reading culture of the Slovene people.

RESULTS: 20,000 Slovene readers repeatedly visited the Beach Stories, which traveled with them to 81 countries around the world. The most popular story was read 9,268 times – nine times more than the circulation of the average Slovene book – which has earned it the status of a top-read.


Client representatives: Petra Vaupotič and Katja Butala
Agency side Project Director: Matjaž Butara
Agency side Project Leaders: Nina Bergoč, Teja Rajšp
Executive Creative Director: Petra Krulc
Creative Director: Petra Krulc
Copywriters: Blaž Kocjančič, Petra Krulc, Katja Petrin Dornik
Art Directors: Petra Krulc, Matija Primc
Designer: Anja Korošec
Web Design: Edo Nasufović
Production: Multipraktik
Director: Miha Brodarič
DOP: Matic Zavodnik, Miha Brodarič
Creating, planning and design of website: Grey
Production of website: CNJ
Music: Thomas March & Third Collective
Media agency: Grey (Lili Cizelj, Vesna Zečević, Petra Podreberšek, Juna Neubauer and Tina Koren)