A Look Through Their Eyes

Agency: Pristop;

Client: Slovenska filantropija

Award: Gold  in the Print Ads and Posters category (SOF);

BRIEF: Every year on World Migrants Day, the Migrant Film Festival raises the public's awareness through films on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The client wanted to publicize the festival, to attract the attention of the general public and to highlight the festival’s essence – presenting the life and work of migrants. The communication therefore had to be contemporary and in your face, but not too brash.

IDEA: The creative idea originated from the very essence of the festival – to show the world as the migrants see it. In order to visually enforce the message, a burqa was used, because “to understand, we must see the world with their eyes”.

IMPLEMENTATION: A poster that treated the highly controversial migrant theme.


Creative Director: Drago Mlakar
Art Director: Martina Kokovnik Hakl
Copywriter: Drago Mlakar
Designer: Martina Kokovnik Hakl