Plaktivat – Consumers’ Labyrinth

Agency: TAM-TAM;

Client: TAM-TAM d.o.o.

Award: Gold in the Print Ads and Posters category (SOF);

BRIEF: The aim of the campaign was to stimulate thought and create awareness of alternative forms of product supply and their positive image in society.

SOLUTION: “Consumer Labyrinth” - Nal Klemen (senior year student of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design).

CREATIVE IDEA: With his city poster the artist opens up a new look at ourselves and our already acknowledged attitude towards consumption. He shows how we are all caught up in the labyrinth of consumption, and how hard we must try to realize an alternative and find a way out. Material goods have become our status symbols and we rarely ask ourselves under what kind of conditions they were produced.

The opinion of the expert commission: “When we selected the winner of the Plaktivat competition on the topic of alternative consumption, it turned out that it is hard to establish a distance from the chosen theme of ubiquitous consumption. Most of the works that were entered presented the problems that come with consumption as well as its alternatives. It is as if we are all so immersed in shopping that it's hard for us to see and identify any kind of alternative. That is why we rewarded the work that illustrates this in the best way.

Plaktivat is a socially responsible competition for the design of a city poster that fuses socially responsible ideas, creativity and a public medium. The city poster, which is extremely widespread and, at the same time, the oldest media format, is given the role of a critical observer, encouraging the public to think and act.”

IMPLEMENTATION: 500 poster spaces across Slovenia – format: city poster (140 x 200 cm)


Creator and implementer of the competition Plaktivat – Alternatives to consumption: TAM-TAM Ltd.
Partner: Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development
Expert Committee:
Institute of Words and Thought: Gal Erbežnik, president
Edition Digital: Ana Ivandič  
Pristop: Matija Kocbek
BPCS: Miha Bevc
Luna\TBWA: Tine Lugarič
Umanotera: Gaja Brecelj
TAM-TAM: Tomaž Drozg