Let Nothing Stop You

Agency: Pristop;

Client: Telekom Slovenije

Award: Gold  in the Film category (SOF); 

BRIEF: 2016 was packed with sporting events. Telekom Slovenije, the leading telecommunications provider in the country, wanted its communication to encourage the public to give decisive responses to everyday challenges.

IDEA: The main idea of the campaign “Let Nothing Stop You” reflected passion for progress, motivation for the best solution and commitment, in which everyone can find inspiration.

SOLUTION: With each training, day by day, step by step, a young footballer with unwavering dreams and strong willpower resolutely nears her goal – to become what she wants to be. Fairy tales don’t easily come true, but yet, nothing can stop her.


Project Director: Ana Putrih
Creative Director: Aljoša Bagola
Project Leaders: Anja Bencik, Jerca Lieber, Živa Debevec
Art Director: Matija Kocbek
Copywriter: Aljoša Bagola, Peter Zabret
Media Strategy: Tamma Žbontar, Gregor Strajnar
Designer: Rok Flego
Production: Nora Production Group
Director: Thor Saevarsson
Director of Photography: Baldur Eythor Eythorsson
Music: glasbena knjižnica
Other associates: Damjana Grošelj, Mojca Mačkovšek Danev, Emil Barbarič, Aleš Krdžić, Rok Štrukelj, Nejc Vernik, Aleš Jelovčan
Media Agency: Pristop Media
Digital Agency: Renderspace