JoomBoos Videostar

Agency: Imago Ogilvy; Projektil;

Client: 24sata

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: JoomBoos Videostar is a talent competition. Under the motto “Capture This!”, this competition was the first in Croatia that was entirely based on social networks (primarily YouTube), through which new talents were found whose goal was to become YouTube influencers. The audience was given an interesting and original content to follow, and brands were given a new platform for promotion.

The target group were young people and teenagers, with emphasis on Generation Z (up to 17 years).

The JoomBoos Videostar competition was conducted through regular Videostar episodes that closely followed all the competition steps and communicated with the audience. 11 episodes were released. Each Videostar candidate had to submit an entry video to be eligible, and throughout all phases of the competition candidates had to devise new videos based on the given tasks. The jury made the pre-selection of the best candidates, and all the next steps of selecting the best Videostar candidates were completely left to the JoomBoos channel audience, and eventually the candidate who had most views on their videos became the VIDEOSTAR.

The campaign that followed the show was divided into three phases that activated as the show

progressed. The first was the Teaser phase aimed at creating buzz and testing the communication channel. At the Registration phase we promoted the show and invited future stars to sign up. The Competition phase lasted the longest and raised the ratings, engagement, presented finalists, gave challenges and promoted the final event that was broadcast live and served as the grand finale. The campaign focused mainly on digital media exceeded the set goals. Over 2 000 entries were submitted to the competition. Each episode of the show averaged 105 000 views, 74% of which was organic. The number of subscribers on JoomBoos YouTube channel by the end of the Videostar contest grew by 54%. The number of views on JoomBoos channel during the Videostar rose by 127%. Number of fans on social networks also grew (Facebook - 155% growth, Instagram - 323% growth). There were also 300% more sponsored videos recorded.

Director: Ivana Boras
Project Leader: Vedran Blumenšajn
Executive Project Leader: Andrea Antunović
Senior Copywriter: Dražen Novak
Design: Tea Šubat
Copywriter: Ana Pogačić