Donat Trump

Agency: Pristop;

Client: Atlantic Grupa

Award: Gold  in the Digital Communication category (SOF);

BRIEF: The biggest reality show to date happened in 2016 – the US presidential election. A candidate who was completely indigestible for most of the political elite became the new US president. And Donat Mg, which helps people digest all sorts of things, was ready for the challenge.

IDEA: Apollo, god of light, spring, art and moral purity, was replaced on the label by his antipode, the bombastic DONAT TRUMP. Less than 24 hours after the announcement of the election results, selected influential people from Slovenia and Croatia were greeted at work with a thematic plastic bottle on their desks, carrying a paraphrase of his winning slogan: Make Digestion Great Again.

IMPLEMENTATION: From the moment the campaign began, the reactions on social networks were vital. People from all over the Balkans literally opened up, because at that moment everybody felt the need to let out their accumulated emotions. In less than three days, about 1,500 comments were recorded on the post, and over 8,000 likes. With a minimal investment in affordable plastic bottles, Pristop managed to make digestion both fun and politically incorrect for millions of people.


Creative Director: Blaž Vuk
Art Directors: Matija Kocbek, Vida Igličar
Project Director: Živa Švagelj
Project Leader: Tea Rojec
Internet Advisor: Anja Avberšek
Copywriter: Blaž Vuk
Designer: Vida Igličar
Illustrator: Klemen Lazarevič