Agency: VBG;

Client: Uljara Kocbek

Award: Grand Prix in the Design category; Agency: VBG; Client: Kocbek Oil Mill

BRIEF: Kocbek Oil Mill has been producing top-quality pumpkin oil in the same way since 1929. It was essential to create a new high-end design that would be a symbol of their quality and long-standing tradition.

SOLUTION: Grandfather Anton Kocbek had used the AK stamp to mark his top-grade pumpkin oil product since 1929. The production method is a family secret and is still transmitted from generation to generation. Of the 825 types of pumpkin, only one variety is suitable for the production of oil from its seeds, and this type thrives in the area around the Kocbek Oil Mill. There it is processed by local - environmentally-conscious - producers.

IMPLEMENTATION: The stamp and its tradition are the basis for the shape of the bottles and the packaging. Each bottle is handmade, of pure glass, and made only by the masters of Staklarna Hrastnik (the Hrastnik Glass factory). The bottles are placed in boxes made of recycled, century-old oak. This Slovenian story, with its tradition and craft, was thus transferred to the final product, a product made for the demanding customer. This green gold, served with a pipette – is found even in the prestigious restaurants in the largest skyscraper in the world - Burj Al Khalifa (Dubai).

CREATIVE IDEA: “I always say that good design is for good clients, because they both have to work for the end result. In this case it was essential to acknowledge the tradition and to include it in the final solution. The world doesn’t want ‘golden’ products, but it wants excellent Slovenian products with a long tradition that are handmade by such good people as Gorazd Kocbek.” (Gregor Žakelj, VBG)


Art Director: Gregor Žakelj Copy: Tadej Bučar
Bottle production: Steklarna Hrastnik
Letterpress: Tiporenesansa