Agency: Taktik;

Client: Geodetska uprava Republike Slovenije

Award: Grand Prix in the Branded or Created Content category (SOF);

TASK: Slovenians only care about geodetic measurements when the boundaries with their neighbors need to be determined.

Our task was to present to the wider Slovenian public the results of an uninteresting, professionally demanding three-year project of the Survey and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia, with the title “Modernization of data infrastructure for reducing the risks and consequences of floods”.

SOLUTION: Among other things the project enabled geodesists to determine heights faster and more precisely. Namely, in securing flood safety, a centimeter up or down of a watercourse may mean the difference between a flood and its prevention. The project-specific infrastructure for determining heights made us wonder: What could we measure that everyone would talk about?

IDEA: We chose Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain and a source of national pride, and we invited the media to a press conference to announce the newly measured height of Triglav as well as to present the results of the project.

RESULTS: The shrinking of Triglav by 34 centimeters became the main news in the media and social networks. The new height of Slovenia’s highest mountain and the key results of the “dull” geodetic project were mentioned in 63 media articles, and the buzz on social networks was nicely presented in the national radio program, where the report began: “The main news today on social networks is not the doctors’ strike, but the height of Triglav.”


Project Leader: Sanja Grobovšek
Creative: Matjaž Klipšteter, Vera Stanković, Sanja Grobovšek
Client representative: Jurij Režek