Bring me Domaćica

Agency: Real Grupa;

Client: Kraš

BRIEF: Although Domaćica is a successful brand with a long history and is distinctive, it did not have a clearly defined brand identity among the younger population up to 29 years of age. Since Domaćica has the highest sales in its category, it is clear how many different variations and individual experiences of the brand need to be directed to the appropriate space of brand perception.

SOLUTION: In addition to the traditional target group (ages 18-49), communication was directed to new young people, young families and generations to come. The brand was focused on the core of its consumers, with an emphasis on rejuvenation. It is among young people (age up to 29 years) where the number of so-called heavy users is highest – those who use the brand several times a week, but are also less loyal consumers.

CREATIVE IDEA: There are products that occupy a special place and value in a family home. People who find a new home outside Croatia are very nostalgic for such products. There is a frequent and widely perceived pattern of behavior of these people – when they receive visits from the homeland, they ask for special products that they have missed, which make them happy, and which they are proud to offer to their friends.

REALIZATION: In the introductory part of the campaign, the emphasis was on exploiting the power of social media in real time after the famous footballer, Ivan Rakitić, posted on Instagram. This unsolicited post by a famous Domaćica fan, Croatian footballer Ivan Rakitić, had a very positive response in the first 6 hours, was used during the course of the campaign. By intensifying the communication through social networks, we stepped out from the traditional framework of communication for Domaćica cookies. In the second, integrated part of the campaign, using a combination of different channels, we sought to maximize the level of consumer engagement by inviting them to join the sweepstake called “Bring Me Domaćica”, in which users could buy three boxes of their favorite Domaćica cookies and send the bar codes, thus entering the contest in which the main prize was a trip to Barcelona for two, where they would take Domaćica in person to Ivan Rakitić.


Andreja Hanžek, Director of Marketing Service,
Ivana Zidarić, Assistant Director of Marketing Service

Real Grupa:
Creative Director: Albino Uršić
Art Director: Matko Jovičin
Project Leader: Tino Pattiera
Media Director: Davor Fabijanić