Lino redesign

Agency: Web.burza;

Client: Podravka

Award: Winner in the category of the Best Website (Mixx);

Brief: Podravka’s brand Lino needed to improve its digital presence and website communication with different target groups. The main goals were to increase number of website users and registrations, encourage users’ engagement and present a new line of kids’ food.

Solution: Lino as a brand targets different groups, pregnant women, children, students and older people. It needed to move away from unified platform and develop 4 platforms for direct communication with the target audience.

Creative Idea: Each of 4 platforms will have its own individual content, design and feel of communication specific to its target group.

Realisation: Lino’s main website links all the other pages. Lino Baby is designed as a portal with useful advice for new parents associated with our new baby food line.

We all eat Cokolino and have our own Cokolino recipe. To enhance this, we designed Cokolinolgija - a content platform for all generations, where with users’ support, we look for a perfect Cokolino recipe.

Lino Kids is a digital playground for kids, where through each activity kids can collect points and compete with each other. Lino Kids also includes Lino Wisdom, educational points based quiz running through all of Lino’s digital platform - a wrong answer offers a link to a product page with correct answer (Lino Wisdom) associated with a product ingredient.

The platform reached 546 000 people, 178% more than before the launch of the redesign. The number of mobile users increased 280% and there were 350 000 games played on Lino Kids website.

Project team:

Executive Creative Director: Vanja Bertalan
Screenplay: Ivan Grgur
Designer: Sabina Rešić, Ivana Bugarinović
Team Leader: Ivana Božanić
Client Project Lead: Matko Stanković
Digital Creative: Ivan Grgur