McDonald´s 20th Birthday Celebration: The love that lasts for 20 years

Agency: OMD Hrvatska;

Client: Globalna hrana - McDonald’s Hrvatska

Award: Winner in the Best Media Strategy category (Mixx);

BRIEF: McDonald´s was celebrating its 20th birthday. We needed to create a memorable and fun campaign that people could relate to, make everyone in Croatia aware of the “love that lasts for 20 years” and strengthen this love for the future while motivating new restaurant visits.

IDEA: To mark this big anniversary properly all activities were aiming to create a memorable experience for the customers: make them a part of the celebration, reward them for their ongoing support and love, and share the news about it all.

EXECUTION: The “big bang” took place on the actual birthday – Feb 2, 2016 – but the TV and YouTube “teaser” activities started a few days before to build excitement and expectation.

TV messages included birthday celebration (image) and product promotions, while outdoor campaign introduced innovative 5-in-a-row billboard with 20 glowing candles to reinforce the “love that lasts for 20 years” message.


There were 50 thousand more website visits (vs. pre-campaign period)

The number of users grew by 150%[1]   - out of those, 66% were new[2] visitors!

Overall page views more than doubled during the campaign (+225%)

+11.3% comps sales[3]  (vs. same period last year) in the first campaign month alone!


Globalna Hrana d.o.o. - McDonald´s Hrvatska
Ivana Šapina, Head of Marketing & PR
Maja Pošta, Marketing & PR Assistant

OMD Media
Dasha Vukobratović, Strategy Director
Stipe Grubišić, Digital Manager
Natalija Azinović, Account Manager

Vladimir Karmelić, Account Director
Andreja Fazlić, Account Director
Stipe Bačić, Account Executive
Tomislav Vukić, Community Manager

Innovo DDB
Alan Brežanski, Creative Director
Tanja Šoštarić, Art Director
Nikolina Marković, Copywriter
Brankica Blažević, Account Manager

Komunikacijski laboratorij
Marko Galić, Client Service Director
Morana Đurčević Musa, PR Senior
Renata Krajačić, Account Manager
Ines Jurković, PR Assistant