Even the Rich Cry

Agency: Señor;

Client: A1 Slovenija

BRIEF: To create a campaign that would communicate great discounts on Iskon’s net, TV and phone packages.

SOLUTION: Competition often use messages that emphasize that their packages have a limited time period when   the price is 0 HRK. What sounds better than 0 HRK? 1000 HRK! That’s why we decided on a completely different approach – to show the discount as a financial gain, real money that new Iskon users can spend on whatever they want.

CREATIVE IDEA: Mo' money, mo' problems. With 1000 HRK they get from Iskon, users would become “thousandaires”, who, like all rich people have to cope with the problems that come with great wealth. It was time to openly talk about that topic.

REALIZATION: The campaign, initially through a series of videos, and then through other materials, show anonymous confessions of newly-made thousandaires and talk about the problems they face daily.

Creative Directors and Copywriters: Vanja Blumenšajn, Jurica Ćorluka
Art Director and Designer: Vinko Čuljak
Project Leader: Iva Kaligarić