Speak the Language of Equality

Agency: Imago Ogilvy;

Client: Ženska soba

Awards: Gold in the Social Actions category (Idea X); Silver in the Best Integrated Campaign category (Idea X);

BRIEF: We live in a society where men are still more privileged than women, both in business (higher wages, greater representation in higher positions) and in society (less discrimination, less censure and accusation).

Gender inequality can be seen not only through social norms and behaviors, but also - and above all - through language and its use.

This fact was used as the basic idea for the image campaign for Women's Feminist Associations.

SOLUTION: Apart from the fact that the Croatian language contains a number of derogatory words describing women, some of the more positive words, unfortunately, still don’t have their official female version: leader, thinker, connoisseur, sage, speaker - are just some such words.

Likewise, while many of us inherited djedovina (inheritance left through the generations is called after the grandfather - djed), nobody ever inherited bakovina (baka - grandmother).

In the well-known dictionary of Branimir Anić, the term man is defined as “adult of male gender”, and the term woman is defined as “a person of opposite gender to a man”.

Given that words have great power to affect change, and language strongly influences society's psyche, tolerance and behavior, we focused the campaign on words.

CREATIVE IDEA: We brought to the foreground those inequalities of language that we use every day but are not even aware of. At the same time, we called on the public to contribute to the struggle for equality by proposing female versions of these well-known words of male gender.

In short, we sent a call to the public: Let's Speak the Language of Equality.

IMPLEMENTATION: The campaign was realized through print ads, OOH, TV and radio, and the collection of female versions of words will be published in the Dictionary of Equality.


Chief Creative Director: Igor Mladinović
Creative Director: Mirka Modrinić
Copywriter: Domagoj Delić
Art Director: Goga Golik
Account Director: Danijela Maričević
Senior Account Executive: Željka Perković