Our towns rule

Agency: BBDO Zagreb;

Client: Zagrebačka pivovara

BRIEF: Brand equity campaign in 2016. After Žuja’s dialects, it was necessary to continue in the same direction: to create a campaign that would make people laugh, touch their hearts and remind them in an unpretentious way that with Žuja we can and should be proud of our villages, towns, cities, and our entire country.

CHALLENGE: Find what is common to everyone in Croatia. Something from everyday life, something that is part of our history and culture, and yet something that is both funny and a little embarrassing. Something halfway between pride and shame, something that no one has used in marketing.

SOLUTION: The campaign “Naša su mjesta zakon” (“Our towns rule”). The mainstay of the campaign is a one-minute TV spot in which there’s no dialogue or plot. It is simple, almost like a TV music spot, in which our three heroes travel Croatia, passing through unusual places with unusual names. No dialogue, no story, just a beautiful Dalmatian song originally sung by Meri Cetinić, which was sung by Đani Stipaničev in Žuja’s spot. The goal is unobtrusive, relaxed, but in the end an emotional way to say that our towns, villages and cities, in which we live and work, no matter how strange their names are, remain forever part of us, our history and our identity.

Idea and copywriting: Almir Okanović
Creative direction: Almir Okanović
Account Director: Irena Kapetanović
Art: Ivana Klarica, Ivan Karaga
Planner: Željko Krešić