Bonbon Ashes / Hole / Ears

Agency: McCann Zagreb;

Client: Hrvatski Telekom

Award: Silver  in the Telecommunications category (Idea X)

BRIEF: Since its beginnings, Bonbon has produced a striking, open, and entertaining image communication for movie theatres. From the legendary Moron/Idiot/Cretin campaign to the animated Family campaign, the brand has humorously explained the importance of turning off your mobile phone before the film starts. The campaigns have become famous over the years and it has become unheard of for a film screening to start before the Bonbon campaign is aired. After several years of showing the Family campaign, a new image communication was needed, as the Family was on its way to well-deserved retirement.

SOLUTION AND CREATIVE IDEA: Since the task was the same – to brand a functional message in the movie theatre that asks visitors to turn off their mobile phones before screening – it was necessary to find a new, different, fresh idea to communicate a well-known message. As it is evident that the use of mobile phones in movie theatres bothers the people sitting around us, we took the idea from the feeling of guilt, and the message “Don’t embarrass yourself”. We often use common phrases in connection with embarrassment, such as “Pour ashes over yourself”, “Cover yourself with ears”, or “Earth, swallow me up”. So we created imaginary products that would be needed by those who embarrass themselves in the cinema by using their mobile phones during the movie.


Director: Diego Perez Tenessa De Block
Brand Manager: Anja Uzelac

McCann Zagreb:
Creative Director: Daniel Vuković
Senior Copywriter: Luka Pervan
Client Service Director: Saša Ivan
Account Manager: Iva Šimunović
Art Director: Krešimir Grancarić
Designer: Tomislav Fabijanić