Bonbon Rollover

Agency: McCann Zagreb;

Client: Hrvatski Telekom

Awards: Gold in the Telecommunications category (Idea X); Gold in the Best Integrated Campaign category (Idea X); The Best Art Direction (Idea X); 

BRIEF: Bonbon offers its users a lot of benefits – no call charge, no contractual obligation, excellent signal, a one-second billing unit, and users only pay what they use. However, the question is - are users actually using everything they pay for? Research has shown that Bonbon users are really happy with their network, but they don’t like the fact that their unused units go to waste at the end of the month.

To remind users that they are still more innovative than the competition, Bonbon introduced 'Rollover' - the transference of unused minutes, SMS and megabytes to the following month. The communication challenge was how to explain the new offer in an attractive, humorous and clear way, how to show users that they gain extra value, and how to make this offer interesting for customers of the competition.

SOLUTION: What is better than a good offer that users need to activate? An offer that activates automatically. Starting with the premise that Bonbon is an operator that always surprises its users and is always thinking about them, we realized that we could emphasize this characteristic of the brand through the creative idea that Bonbon does the thinking for them. We decided to use the idea of the automatic activation of great benefits for users, and to communicate that the transfer of unused units would start from the following month.

CREATIVE IDEA: In the video we follow the personification of three units – Minute, SMS and Megabyte – our three heroes who are enjoying a place that symbolizes July, but they have to say goodbye to their great companions there and move into August. Although August was initially presented as being less desirable for them, we pointed out the automatic nature of the offer – the units transfer to the next month, whether they like it or not!

IMPLEMENTATION: Along with TV as the primary channel of communication the campaign was also supported through city lights and city boxes. Using city boxes (trash bins) was an exceptionally apt choice of medium for sending the campaign message - 'Don’t waste your units'. Online, the campaign was realized through web banners, video, PR, social networks and the brand’s website.



Director: Diego Perez Tenessa De Block

Brand Managers: Nikola Matasović, Anja Uzelac

McCann Zagreb:

Creative Director: Daniel Vuković
Senior Copywriter: Luka Pervan
Client Service Director: Saša Ivan
Account Manager: Iva Šimunović
Strategic Planner: Petra Gajica
Art Director: Krešimir Grancarić
Designer: Sandra Mrkšić
Digital Designer: Žarko Kuvalja