Piquentum Sv. Vital 2014

Agency: Studio Sonda;

Client: Vinski podrum Buzet

Award: Silver Award (Idea X)

BRIEF: Promotion of the Piquentum brand through a special edition of natural wines.

SOLUTION: Piquentum St. Vital 2014, nature speaks out through the label.

Vintage dates are always denoted on wine bottles, but how many of us really understand the meaning of the year the grapes were harvested? This actually bears witness to the natural conditions in which the wine matured; it is its own BIOGRAPHY.

In cooperation with the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service, data on weather conditions in the territory of the vineyards were collected, and the amount of precipitation is shown as a variable that graphically shows how different the natural conditions are every year. Circles, as standard meteorological rain symbols, show the amount of rainfall in a particular month. The label directly communicates what kind of year it was, and the wine, historically one of the most popular traditional products, becomes a medium that raises awareness of the importance of understanding nature.

Piquentum Brazda 2012.

Although the wine was bottled in 2014, preparations for making the labels for this wine date back to the year 2012, with the collection of 200 copies of Glas Istre, a regional daily paper, printed on the day of harvest, 21 September 2012. This wine from the vineyards of Istria, which have been cultivated with natural methods only for a full 80 years, fully reflects the philosophy of the manufacturer, their attitude that the crucial elements for the creation of wine are time, place and honesty, and that wine needs no other accessories. The label design reflects this same philosophy: newspapers embody the symbolism of time (the day of harvest), place (regional newspapers) and honesty (information transmitted by the newspapers at the time – the testimony of time). In contrast to mass production, the labels were produced out of the original newspaper and the sheets used have no additional elements, reflecting the same, honest character of the wine. The graphic element of the newspaper article that resembles a cultivated field recalls the name of the wine: Brazda (furrow, a narrow trench made by a plough).


The label communicates a moderate year, with the highest rainfall in September, just when the grapes need to reach an optimum point of maturity, due to which the taste and strength of the alcohol was slightly lighter.


Creative and art direction, design, copy: Jelena Fiškuš, Sean Poropat
3D shaping for St. Vital: Eugen Slavik