Ekrem Dupanović

Ekrem Dupanović is the publisher and editor in chief of the portals Media Marketing, Art&Business and Woman.Comm.

He started working in the advertising industry 46 years ago. For the first 15 years he worked at Radio Sarajevo for its economic advertising program (1970-1985), after which he moved to the marketing agency OSSA, where he led the sports marketing team for five years. In 1990 he was appointed Director of the Yugoslav-Swiss marketing agency IMS/STUDIO 6 Yugoslavia, a joint venture founded by OSSA and IMS/Studio 6 Lausanne.

He has also worked on sponsorship projects of major international events, such as the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo in 1984, the European Athletics Championship in Split in 1990, for which he was Marketing Manager for two years, and the World Cup in Ski Flying Planica 1994.

After the outbreak of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he founded his own agency, Futura Media, based in Sarajevo. In 2003 he began to edit and publish the magazine Media Marketing, and in 2011 the portal Media Marketing, today the most significant media outlet for the communications industry in the Adriatic region. A year ago he launched the Art&Business portal, which deals with sponsorship of culture and art. The year 2017 will begin with the launch of the Woman.Comm portal, dedicated to women in the communications industry.

He is dedicated to young people and seeks to provide them with support in the realization of successful careers. One of the most significant projects of Media Marketing is The Young Leaders for Tomorrow, and of the Art&Business portal The Friends of Young Artists project.

Asja Dupanović Gavrilescu
AsjaDupanović Gavrilescu

Although I have spent most of my life skiing, snowboarding and nurturing creative ideas as an advertising executive alongside my dad, Media Marketing, Dragan Sakan and my dear New Moment New Ideas Company, I am a psychologist by profession.

In 2006, I left my exciting and creative job in communications to live in Kazakhstan and, later, India. My Asian encounters were fascinating. The unique regard for life, the equanimity found in the chaos of the streets, and the pervasive tranquility that engulfs one, simply amazed me.

For a decade, I dedicated myself to the profound study of healthier ways of living, the teachings of the East, yoga, the wisdom of the inner peace and ancient, natural healing modalities.

Someone who once was in love with creative ideas, however, remains in love forever. And thus, here I am again. It was a tremendous joy to participate in the creation of this first review of the most creative ideas from the fantastic Adriatic region. I am grateful to all the authors for the crazy good ideas I went to sleep with each night whilst working on this book. You totally rock!

In addition to good ideas, I love life, veggies, yoga, and the fresh powder snow under my Burton board. My favorite smoothie is called the Deep Blue Sea.

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